My Turn Again!?!?!

Man, Wednesday comes fast! And... Guess what? I have not gotten around to the short story yet! (I know, surprise, right?) (But I do have a¬†wonderful¬†reason) We have been really busy this week, packing to go to Georgia!!! That's right, the Terrible Trio will be together again! (Sorry Patricia, there is no escaping us...) So. … Continue reading My Turn Again!?!?!


A Short Story: Part Two

I'm back!! Here is a rough draft of part two of my short story: Only A Candy Cane. Here is the link to part one from last week: (I hope this link thingy works).     The young girl looked up at Arthur pleadingly. Arthur sighed. He opened his mouth to say yes but … Continue reading A Short Story: Part Two


I love these goats. February, Myrtle and Minty were born, and I had my very first birth experience! Stormy went into labor in the afternoon, delivering three kids! Sadly, the first kid was stillborn. Myrtle came next, and I really thought Stormy was done! Then we realized that she was going to have a third … Continue reading Cogitating