A Short Story: Part One

Howdy everyone! I hope you are having a good day. I decided to post again since my last post was more of an announcement than a substantial post. Here is part of a short story I am writing. I thought I could use this short story to show you how I write and edit my tales. I am still learning so any tips would be appreciated. 🙂

Only A Candy Cane

 Arthur E. Mathis was a busy man. Owner of Harrisburg’s only newspaper, cotton mill, and bank, Arthur could be seen every morning making his way down Main Street to his office, a big black building squashed between General Supplies Store and a slum. Most wealthy men would have objected to such surroundings, but Arthur didn’t, he was too busy to care. His work hours were precise and full of tasks, and often they stretched far into the night. For Arthur E. Mathis was a busy man.

If Dickens was alive at the time of Arthur and if he had wrote the Christmas Carol, some of Harrisburg’s inhabitants might have called him Scrooge. If they had, Arthur would have told them that he wasn’t heartless, just busy. After all, every Sunday afternoon he took his widowed mother to church and tithed a faithful amount. He was just busy, and what is the problem with that?

On one particular morning, Monday to be precise, Arthur rose, dressed, kissed his mother goodbye and strode down Main Street to his office. His head swarming with figures, Arthur briskly cut across a section of muddy planking. Pigeons, brown and gray squeaked in anger as he trod through their breakfast of crumbs. As he passed the slums a small girl ran in front of him abruptly.

“Please mister sir, would you like to buy a doll?” she asked, pulling out figure that resembled a cloth ogre with one arm and leg. “No.” Arthur responded curtly, his mind too busy to care about her dirt streaked face and torn clothing. “Please mister sir, only five cents, sir. All I want is a candy cane for my mummy sir.”

To be continued….

I apologize for the quality of this tale. This is a rough draft obviously. 🙂 Until our next meeting!!

Copyright By Patricia Ellen Tully


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