A Short Story: Part Two

I’m back!! Here is a rough draft of part two of my short story: Only A Candy Cane. Here is the link to part one from last week: https://wethreesparks.wordpress.com/2015/06/16/a-short-story-part-one/ (I hope this link thingy works).

    The young girl looked up at Arthur pleadingly. Arthur sighed. He opened his mouth to say yes but then the town clock struck 9:00 am. I’m late, next time maybe, he thought, as he turned away quickly and sped for his office. The young girls watched Arthur diminish into the crowded street. Next time, mummy, next time.
But next time was a very long time away. Day after day, Arthur saw the lone girl trying to sell random and dirty items to passerbys. One day it was a shoe, the next a scarf, each item looking like it was pawned from a rubbish heap. Arthur was accosted by the young girl every Monday, his busiest day of the week, and thus he rushed away each Monday, chanting over and over again, next time. 

After one encounter with the young girl on a particularly busy Monday, Arthur stormed into his office and slammed the door. His clerk, a pale sickly fellow who looked like he had never seen the sunlight, jumped nervously and then frowned at Arthur. “Something the matter sir?” he asked. “There most certainly is. How am I supposed to run an honest business when I am constantly being assaulted by a hooligan?” Arthur ranted, shaking his head as he stared out a window upon the miscreant in question. “Might I inquire how exactly this ahem, hooligan I believe was the word, assaulted you? She, a little girl to be precise, is constantly pestering me to buy a chunk of rot.Translation please sir, I speak English you know. I apologize Reginald, I am overly excited. This girl is trying to sell me terrible merchandise every time I pass her. It’s outrageous! I don’t have time for her accosting me, and at this point I feel like calling the bobbies.”

To be continued.

~Patricia Ellen. Copyright by Patricia Ellen Tully 2015. 


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