Because It’s Thursday…

…And I had nothing ready yesterday.

Okay, here we go!

Thoughts on “Hood” and “Scarlet” By Stephen Lawhead

When we were in GA last week, we visited a book shop.

It was wonderful in some ways, detrimental in others. (Like to my wallet, for instance.)

I picked up theses two volumes just because I love Robin Hood. I didn’t really think that I could be surprised, as I have read an alarmingly large variety of stories about that infamous outlaw.

I was, however, mistaken.

This is the most enthralling interpretation of Robin Hood I have ever read. (Pages 19-21 of “Hood” should be skipped, however.)

The setting is in Wales, shortly after William the Conqueror.

Bran is a prince, foolhardy, reckless, and quite a rascal.

Enter the Ffreincs.

His kingdom is invaded, his Father slain, his warriors massacred. Everything he has ever known is turned upside down. His tall friend, Iwan, escapes with him, along with one of the monks from a nearby monastery. He goes through a series of grueling adventures, nearly losing his life.

Then the stories began.

An enormous monster draped in black feathers, stealing livestock and disappearing into the night. Reportedly, he was a powerful enchanter.

A monster known as “King Raven”

The Ffreinc nobles think it is balderdash, mere superstitious peasants spreading lies.

Until they try to cross him.

Rhi Bran a Hud becomes more than just a legend.

He becomes a nightmare.


(Sorry for the cheesy dramaticness of that review)

I would recommend these books, but with one reservation. In the beginning of “Hood” Pgs. 19-21, there was some weird stuff that was not necessary.

But, other than that, I absolutely loved it!

I have not read the third and final book, “Tuck” but I definitely will soon!

Au Revoir!



3 thoughts on “Because It’s Thursday…

  1. Raechel says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    Curious, in case I read it, what kind of ‘not-goodness’ is the part that you recommend skipping? I mean, what does it deal with?


  2. wethreesparks says:

    Hi Raechel!
    It is a scene with Merian, in her house, without her father knowing he is there. They are just talking, so (thankfully) no inappropriate actions. The purpose of the scene serves to firmly establish Bran as a rascal. There is quite a bit of reflection as to other ladies that had caught his fancy previously, and that is what I mainly had a problem with.
    I hope that answers your question adequately! Thanks for asking!


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