Finally the Final List of Randomness Finale

Courtesy of yours truly, the ultimate pitiful title composer. After a long and unexplained absence we have finally returned and hopefully will be back to a regular schedule soon... Y'all must all know how summers go... Anyhow, all that formalness (is that a word???) aside here goes. I'm going to try just writing whatever happens … Continue reading Finally the Final List of Randomness Finale


Another Alphabetical List of Randomness 

Hello y'all. I'm back since, as my friend Hope so ably put it, "I'm on" for an alphabetical post/list thingamajig. Fortunately I feel like spouting today (a term which means I feel like talking for a long durations of time). And there is nothing as comforting as a list. 🙂 A- Arthur Conan Doyle, author … Continue reading Another Alphabetical List of Randomness