It’s Monday this time!

Hey Y’all!

Patricia had an idea to post alphabetically. As in, an alphabetical list of things pertaining to literature/writing. (I probably won’t remember to stick to that, but I can try!)

So here goes!

Aljeron: My favorite character from the Binding of the Blade series by L.B. Graham. He is a great swordsman, and has Koshti, a tiger, for his “Battle Brother”

Image result for tiger

(Picture credit: I didn’t take this one. Whoever did, thank you! I got it from google.)

Books! (so generic, right? I just couldn’t help it!)

Here is another one!

Bonnie Wee Bunny

We found a baby rabbit next to our driveway, pretty certain the dog picked her up, so we brought her in the house and are trying to raise her. Her name is lots of fun.

“Och, what a Bonnie Wee Bunny!”

Calvin: As in John calvin. I am reading “Heart Aflame” right now, and loving it!

Daltaraan: Aljeron Balinor’s sword.

Ever So Much More So: From Homer Price. I used to love those stories!

Fernando Ortega: His piano playing is lovely.

Gamgee, Samwise: He is one of my favorite characters. 🙂



Jamming with friends!

Kids: Goat babies!

Lemons: I love them. They taste and smell like summer!

Mama: The Lord has blessed me with the most wonderful Mama ever.

No Strings Attached: An insanely talented group of people, one of my most favorite-est bands. They play old time, mixed with a bit of everything else!

Oh, dear, I’m running out of brain!

Party? I don’t see how that’s a party?!?

Quoting movies: Indirectly or directly, it’s always such fun!

Reluctant Revolutionaries: Dr. George Grant’s History course; Gileskirk American culture.

Sally in the Garden: A lovely old time tune in e minor.


Uh, what to say here?

Vanderveer Brother’s String Band: My MOST favorite band!!! They are amazing. Check out their website here!

Winnie-the-pooh: I loved him ever since I could read, and I still do.

Xactly what starts with X?

Yay for being almost done!

Zentangling: Sometimes you can find really pretty patterns!

I done did it! Patricia, You’re on!



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