Howdy y’all! Here is a project I completed recently. (It’s not the surprise, that one is still in the works.) 😉

Summary of the Constitution of the United States

by Hope Arendse

All people need guidelines. Without them, chaos will reign supreme. Imagine a large group of three to five year olds playing together with no rules. No encouragement to do what is right, and no discouragement of wrongdoing. (Add coffee and a litter of hungry puppies to the equation, and try not to go figuratively insane. Good luck.)

Our founding fathers realized this. Their knowledge of the French Revolution must certainly have strengthened their stalwart resolve. France had successfully rousted oligarchy, only to substitute a reign of utter and abject terror. They demolished irksome rules, but they did not replace them, nor rebuild their exsanguinated country. With this vivid example before them, our founding fathers determined to install a set of regulatory principles. Our Constitution.

The Constitution begins with Congress. Rules for election, terms, and jurisdiction are stated in article one. Next, the President. Along with rules for election and term, our Constitution clearly defines what our President can and cannot do. Our founding fathers knew that if the power rested with one man alone the purpose of the entire revolution would be undone. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness would be restricted or revoked. Power must be shared.

Third, the Constitution defines judicial power, resting it in the supreme court.

Fourth, our Founding Fathers gave congress the ability to make amendments. They recognized the fact that no man can make a perfect government, and that times change. They acknowledged that improvements would eventually become a necessity.

Sixth, rules for following the Constitution were set down, holding every citizen accountable to their neighbor.

Lastly, rules for ratification were instated. This ensured that major changes could not be dominated by just one or two parties.

To (Yet again) quote Dr. George Grant, “Ideas have consequences!”
America is set apart. The ideas of out forefathers played a staggering role in our culture, and our ideas and actions do likewise. Our Constitution is one of the many things that made our country a beacon.

America has fallen away from our original intent. Unconstitutional acts threaten our culture daily. Sin is often embraced instead of abhorred. Media infiltrates the very fibre of our culture, spreading half-truths, slander, and lies.

America was not founded by perfect men. The Bible teaches us that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. But we have hope for the future. God is with us! He will sustain and deliver us. If we trust him, proclaim His Truth unashamedly, teach our children to walk in his ways, and live by His Word, we can return to Biblical precepts. The Bible is our Constitution, God is our King. And if God is with us, who can stand against us?


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