The festival was wonderful! We saw Joe Jewell, Dan DeLancey, Linda Thomas, Atwater and Donnelly, The Vanderveers, and many other talented musicians. Mr. Dana was up to his usual pranks, plus quite a few unusual ones as well! (setting off a firework right in front of the stage, in the building, knitting banjo cases from the skin of an … Continue reading Bennington


My Tolkien Post

Sorry it's so late y'all! (Image credit-not mine) 1. What draws you to Tolkien’s stories? (The characters, the quests, the themes, the worlds, etc.)    I really can't describe it! When I read them, I am transported to their world. I fight with them, I rejoice, I grieve with them. And in the end, I … Continue reading My Tolkien Post


We (The A family) are going to Bennington on WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!! So, yeah. No posts. (Story of my life) I will try to get back with pictures of our week there. 😉  ~Hope