My Tolkien Post

Sorry it’s so late y’all!

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1. What draws you to Tolkien’s stories? (The characters, the quests, the themes, the worlds, etc.)   

I really can’t describe it! When I read them, I am transported to their world. I fight with them, I rejoice, I grieve with them. And in the end, I leave Middle Earth, and am forced to come back to our world. (For a while…)  

In the movies, the music makes it come alive for me.                           

2. What was the first Middle Earth book you read and/or movie you saw? What did you think of it?

I read The Hobbit when I was 6. I was hooked! I finished the entire LOTR trilogy at least twice by the time I was 8, and have been reading Tolkien regularly ever since. I didn’t see the movies until I was 10 or 12. (I really can’t remember…)

 3. Name three of your favorite characters and tell us why you like them.

Oh. Boy. Umm… Smeagol! (In the movie)(Not Gollum) Merry and Pippin, Treebeard, and Tom Bombadil (I’m completely outraged they left him out of the movie, and terribly grateful that they did. They would have ruined him.)  And Legolas and Gimli. (Because of their hilarious friendship)  And on, and on, and on…                                                 

 4. Are there any secondary characters you think deserve more attention?

The fox. What was his significance? Why was he only mentioned once? I liked that fox! And Goldberry. I wanted her story! And Farmer Maggot in the movie. And Butterbur in the movie. ( Forget the movie, I want a 20 hour long saga that includes every detail accurately!)   

5. What Middle Earth character do you relate to the most?

Pippin. Definitely Pippin. And Bilbo.

6. If you could ask Professor Tolkien one Middle Earth-related question, what would you like to ask him?         

I would ask him for permission to ask as many questions as I like about Middle Earth. I would then ask about Goldberry, the fox, the people of the south, and did they ever find the Entwives? What were the names of Legolas’s children? Who was their mother? What was his mothers name? Did Gimli have any siblings? Did Legolas have any siblings? Were there ever any more dragons? How did the dragons come? How hard was it to come up with all those languages?

 7. Are there any pieces of Middle Earth merchandise you would particularly like to own, but don’t?   

Not really. Except for a sword. I would like a map, but I am NOT going to draw another one anytime soon. That was a HUGE job! Thorins map is more fun, but I’ve made two of those, so I also won’t be making another anytime soon.                                                            

 8. What battle would you absolutely not want to be part of?

The battle that Isildur was in. Or the battle for Moria between the dwarves and the orcs.                                 

 9. Would you rather eat a meal at the Rivendell or Bag End?                                               Bag end, of course! (Though I highly doubt it would be gluten-free…)

10. List up to ten of your favorite lines/quotes from the books or movies.

“NO THANK YOU! I don’t want any more visitors, well-wishers, or distant realations!!!”

“Just tea, thank you.”

“Bilbo, have you been at the Gaffers old brew?”

“Don’t worry Sam. Rosie knows an idiot when she sees one!”

“Old Mr. Bilbo, He’s cracked! Yes, and Young Mr. Frodo, He’s cracking!”

“You’re late!” In elvish, but I don’t know how to write that… 😉

” A bur-a hobbit!-A burrahobbit?”

” A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins. He always arrives precisely when he intends to!”

“That there is some good in this world-and it’s worth fighting for!”

“Samwise, you fool!”



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