A Piece of Work

Hey Y’all!

So, I admit it has been quite a while. This whole schedule thing is really not working out how we had wanted it to. 🙂 A lot of big things have been happening lately, new collie puppy, (SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!) moving to 20+ acres (finally almost here!) and an Algebra 2 final exam.

Thankfully, amid all the commotion, I have been able to do some writing. Not much, and mostly late at night, but some is better than none. 🙂 For any interested, here is a snippet of my current project.

It turned out that I could sneak in the back and take my seat in the back so that no one noticed my entrance. That was a relief. As is sank down into the velvet cushioned seat I took a deep breath and prepared myself for a long evening. I have always found myself somewhat lacking in social graces. I always say the wrong thing at the wrong time and kill whatever polite conversation had been exchanged. I was quite sure that the night held many awkward silences and uncomfortable stares.

I was right.

We were all seated at a round table delicately picking at our laden plates and making polite small talk. There were nine of us at the table and one empty chair. This table was particularly for Mr. Harrison, the head manager, his wife and the professors of the students receiving the awards.

 I added a pack of sugar to my iced tea and commenced stirring as the conversation drifted across a wide array of subjects; the excellent food, different coffee roasts, children, pets, the weather and finally settled on politics. Here it stayed for a while as a point of discussion threatened to turn into an argument and then inevitably a fight. As the only one yet to express an opinion all eight pairs of eyes focused on me. Then it came, the dreaded, “What do you think Miss Hart?”

Well at that moment what I thought was not exactly what they wanted to hear. I was thinking of how excited I was for my best friend’s wedding, how long ago the glasses of water were poured, (which to my disgust was at least twelve hours ago) how the gentleman across from me had a crooked tie, how I really didn’t like green beans; but here they all were looking at me and expecting me to voice an opinion on a subject that I hadn’t been paying attention to. I usually have a, let’s say…determined…unyielding…view of politics. The first thing that came to my head was how wrong they all were. Our forefather’s original intent was much different than is made out today; but I had better not get into all that. I decided on answer that could suit almost any topic regarding politicians, “In a way you’re both right.” Well, my mind did not communicate to my tongue swiftly enough. I spoke absently.

“In a way, you’re all wrong.”

I raised my hand quickly to cover my mouth, forgetting that I still had my spoon in my hand. The forced tipped my glass over and sent ice tea flooding across the white table cloth. In the midst of this mess I tried to stammer out an apology, while the gentleman on my right and Erin at my other side tried to mop up the mess with soggy napkins before it reached the people opposite me and soaked their programs.

“Sorry, I-I didn’t mean. That wasn’t… oh dear.” I sighed and slumped back in my chair.

Mr. Harrison raised his eyebrows. His wife looked stiff and pretended not to notice. Mr. Ford, the literature professor, looked like he was about to die of second-hand embarrassment, and Hannah Bright looked triumphant.

Eeenyway, that’s a few lines from the first draft, so it’s really rusty. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

~ Sarah Leana

Copyright 2015 Sarah Arendse


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