So, Yeah…

…I’m not a writer. I don’t like writing. I like coming up with stories, plots, twisting them, and especially character development. But I can’t ever seem to get them on paper. (Or computer, word document thingy.) So this blog post does not reveal any new book ideas, tips for aspiring novelists, no character bios, inspirational writing quotes, chapters, or other such items.

But I am a seamstress!

(And I’m really excited about how these turned out!)

I got a sewing job!!! I made some costumes for these three adorable children!

Princess Leia Dress and Jedi shirt thingy



Harry Potter robe


This was such a fun project!

I also made an Amidala dress, ( this song playing in my head) but she decided last minute to be Hermoine.

( I think that’s how it is spelled? I know nothing about Harry Potter.)

So here is a photo of the dress on K. It’s not a great quality one, sorry!

IMG_0510IMG_0490   And here is the belt to the Leia dress.

Any thoughts? What could I have improved about these? Don’t you just love the cowboy boots with the Star Wars dress? 😉






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