17 Things…

Way back in October I started a list of 17 things to do before (Or shortly after) I turn 18. I only just finished it. Here it is! Hopefully having it on the blog will motivate me to keep going.

  1. Memorize Psalm 24

2.  Read through the Bible, Genesis through Revelation

3.  Sew a pair of trousers

4. Participate in the Texas State Mountain Dulcimer Contest

5. Sew a wool coat or cape with a lining

6. Take a Photography Course

7. Learn a dance (A real one)

8. Sew a swimsuit (That I actually like)

9. Participate in  NaNoWriMo

10. Spend a special day with each of my siblings

11. Write a journal entry at least 5 times a week

12. Write a graphic novel (or at least learn how)

13. Build a chicken coop

14. Train Marta to herd sheep, and send in her registration

15. Complete BBC Doula training reading requirements

16.Practice Hand Lettering

17. Plant (And maintain) a Garden

That’s all, folks!





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