January Milestones


Happy New Year to everyone!!! It’s a few weeks late, but I hope all y’all had a wonderful winter season celebrating the coming of our Lord! A lot of things have been going on this month, a usual thing for us. 🙂 Here’s a peek into what I have been up to!

  • I finished my first novella!!!! This was really really really exciting and took up most of my time for the last two weeks of December. Patricia and Hope helped me edit it and now it is completely done. For a while.
  • I finished Algebra two and am still in the midst of Geometry with a finishing date of February.
  • Geometry is one of the three subjects I have left before I graduate.
  • The other two subjects are our humanities course, modernity, and Anatomy. I’ll also finish these in February.
  • I began my second novel January first. I have it completely outlined chapter by chapter and have begun writing already! I hope to have it ready for an editor by next December. This Novel will be full sized and it is set in Scotland during the years 1669-1672
  • Angel had THIRTEEN puppies. Y’all have seen a lot of them already so we won’t go too far into that. 😉
  • Hopey and I are working on sewing a 1940’s style formal gown. It is a red satin overlaid with  black chiffon.
  • I’ve also done some drawing. I should do a post on that sometime!
  • We are starting a photography course this month! I hope to continue to work on my photographing skills after I graduate.

Well, I think thats about it. Thank you all who took the time to read this! One day we will get back to our regular posting schedule. Until the next time, may your hours, days and weeks be blessed!

~Sarah Leana


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