HSM January 2016



Hey y’all!!! I did finish my project for this month! I will have to do this post a bit unconventionally, because I want to save this project as a surprise for some dear friends who also read this blog. So I will be posting pictures in March. also, I’m not saying what it was. I will probably just post this information again, but here it is to say I DID IT!!!!!!!

The Challenge: Procrastination

Material: Tan stripey stuff from goodwill. It has a bit of stretch to it.

Pattern: Self-drafted

Year: 1930’s

Notions: matching buttons

How historically accurate is it? Well, in construction (as in pattern make-up), it is pretty accurate. It has a side button closure. My technique was probably a bit off, as I used the machine for absolutely everything. I did hand cover the buttons, and I also fitted it without a zipper. In hindsight, more research would be beneficial.

Hours to complete: Oh boy. Um, 2 to draft and cut out, and more like 8 to actually sew. So approximately 10-12 hours.

First worn: Not yet! I’m saving the outfit for a special occasion. 

Total cost: $1.75 approx. The fabric was $7, I already had the buttons. (But I also made a vest, skirt, and have like 2 yards left over. So 1/4 of $7) 

That’s all, folks!



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