Shifting Gears

Have you ever ridden a ten speed bicycle with the gears in disarray? I remember a time when I was little that I borrowed my sister's ten speed bike to ride around the neighborhood. I was so excited. It was much bigger than mine with a comfortable seat and hand brakes . And, best of all, … Continue reading Shifting Gears

You Have a Suit?

  No? Here, let me help you out. And then suit up. And remember, an ant has no quarrel with a boot. Especially this one. (I'll stop the cheesy puns now.) (But you've got to admit they were pretty grate) Just a heads up, I have these boots listed in my shop now. ~Hope


Here is a flyer I put up at TSC today! Puppies for sale! (Insert cute picture that somehow doesn't work on here. 😦 They will be ready to go in the second week of February. (Just in time for Valentine's Day!) Great Pyrenees mix, and they all have badger marks.  Price is $200 They have … Continue reading Puppies!