HSM January 2016

  Hey y'all!!! I did finish my project for this month! I will have to do this post a bit unconventionally, because I want to save this project as a surprise for some dear friends who also read this blog. So I will be posting pictures in March. also, I'm not saying what it was. … Continue reading HSM January 2016


You Have a Suit?

  No? Here, let me help you out. And then suit up. And remember, an ant has no quarrel with a boot. Especially this one. (I'll stop the cheesy puns now.) (But you've got to admit they were pretty grate) Just a heads up, I have these boots listed in my shop now. ~Hope


Here is a flyer I put up at TSC today! Puppies for sale! (Insert cute picture that somehow doesn't work on here. 😦 They will be ready to go in the second week of February. (Just in time for Valentine's Day!) Great Pyrenees mix, and they all have badger marks.  Price is $200 They have … Continue reading Puppies!

17 Things…

Way back in October I started a list of 17 things to do before (Or shortly after) I turn 18. I only just finished it. Here it is! Hopefully having it on the blog will motivate me to keep going. Memorize Psalm 24 2.  Read through the Bible, Genesis through Revelation 3.  Sew a pair … Continue reading 17 Things…